About Us

The company Mirelle was founded in 2008 (Kyiv, Ukraine) as an official representative of the German company I.Schmidt Handelsgesellschaft mbH (Berlin, Germany), the largest manufacturer and supplier of preserved food products in Europe under such famous trade names as MIKADO, Spreegold, Filippo, as well as under its own private trade names of large European networks of supermarkets.

For 40 years the company I.Schmidt together with its overseas affiliates have controlled the quality of products at all manufacturing stages and supplied products of exceptional, select quality. This is what has won the company an impeccable reputation in the international market as a reliable and stable supplier.

The company’s manufacturing sites are located in more than 18 countries of the world: in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. Its product mix is constantly diversified and today it includes over 1,000 proprietary names. Along with the food products the company is developing non-food products (goods for animals ТМ TOPSI).

The efficiency and regularity of supplies, financial stability and, as a consequence, continuous availability of goods, guarantee of product and packaging quality, affordable prices, constant advertising support are the factors that set the German company I.Schmidt apart from other domestic market players in this segment. The company Mirelle in Ukraine sustains the business standards and approaches created by the Berlin head office. A big competitive edge is the availability of the entire mix of products not only in warehouses in Ukraine but also in those in Hamburg, which makes it possible to promptly provide clients with necessary products in case of urgent extra need, if the product is unavailable in sufficient quantity in a warehouse in Ukraine.

At present the company Mirelle has set up an efficient dealer network in Ukraine – a strong team of partner distributors that make the company’s products available in every part of the country.


In 2015 the company Mirelle started a new division - export. 

 With years of experience in manufacturing, we can offer you the most quality products for food production and for production of birds & rodents food.

  We offer you the following items: kernel of sunflower seeds, kernel of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds confectionary (brown, yellow), frozen berries (raspberries, blueberries, black currant), dried berries and fruits (raspberries, blackthorn, apples, pears).



  For birds and rodents food manufacturing we offer you the following items: millet (grain, spica: yellow, red, white), wheat, canola, barley, buckwheat, oats, sunflower seeds, flax, rye, corn, walnuts, dried shanny, gammarus


  We would like to be your reliable partner and enable you to grow and develop together with us, make profits and get pleasure from joint work.