TV, Press & Print - Private Label

Canned fruit and vegetable products private brand

I. Schmidt HgmbH is a reliable supplier and partner for many well-known international and inside-Europe supermarket networks. The company has ensured proper quality of products at competitive prices for as long as the last 40 years. The company controls the quality of private brand products from start of production to shipment. Where needed, the company grows its own raw material using Independent laboratories’ support.

The main benefits of working under a private brand with the German company I. Schmidt HgmbH include stable and high product quality, absence of risks to product quality and packaging, guaranteed supply volumes, strict observance of shipment schedule and financial stability, which cannot be ensured by local suppliers as well as purchase departments of supermarket networks. The European networks have made their choice for their own brands in favor of the company I. Schmidt!

As a representative of the I. Schmidt HgmbH in Ukraine the Mirelle company fully coordinates the order: from its placement in the I. Schmidt HgmbH factory, including adaptation, order and control over the print of labels and packaging, to delivery to the customer’s warehouse.

Cast litter private brand

Bentonite cat litter is a product of guaranteed high and stable quality. The private brand product is manufactured in the only plant in Ukraine that specializes in the production of littler and ensures the entire production process – from development of its own bentonite clay deposits, drying, crushing and classification before final packaging. The plant is located in the ecologically friendly Zakarpattia region. Its capacities and high quality standards have made it possible to successfully export the products to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus for more than 10 years.